Artistic Director

Dr. Martin Henatsch (born in 1963 in Schleswig) is Artistic Manager of Gerisch-Stiftung since January 2007.

Martin Henatsch has worked for many years on issues related to public space and his curatorial style is characterised by a serious approach to the various specific local situations. His work in Neum√ľnster focuses on the artistic reconnaissance of the landscape and the perception of historical developments along the Schwale.
His highly focused programme of exhibitions presents works by artists of international standing. He studies the relationship between art and nature and pursues the cultural conditions of contemporary ideas of nature. However, with his exhibitions he also investigates the history of the location and its cultural heritage. Together with the founders, the Artistic Manager has made it his aim to establish Neum√ľnster as a new centre for art in the north of Europe.

The starting point for the programme of exhibitions and the leitmotif for the extension of the collection is the idyllic nature of the Gerisch sculpture park. What does it actually mean when we call a place idyllic? What personal, historical or even social utopias lurk behind our idea of an idyll? Are they subject to change? On what social basis do they develop? Or, to put it simply: where is Arcadia?