Concept of the Sculpture Park

If you want to create a contemporary landscape park and integrate a collection of sculptures in it these days, it is necessary first to ask yourself a few fundamental questions. How do human beings see their relationship with nature at the beginning of the 21st century? What is the relationship between contemporary art and the landscape? In what form are social issues reflected in our view of nature? And how does art deal with these ideas of nature, which are mostly laden with longing? In short, what is our current image of Arcadia?

Landscape and nature. In the Gerisch sculpture park that means first of all the Schwale, an idyllic river that meanders through urban and rural areas and links the copses and meadows east of the town with the Vicelin church in the centre of Neumünster. This is where the special potential of this park lies. The terrain along the Schwale is unique, offering ideal conditions for sculptures and large-scale artistic installations. There is optimum potential for the development of a new Schleswig-Holstein centre for modern and contemporary art.


An extensive collection of sculptures in the Gerisch sculpture park already forms the basis of the Gerisch-Stiftung programme. However, in addition to this collection, the aim is to create a landscape park that extends from the centre of Neumünster to the rural meadows and woods east of the park. In the future, the typical zones of a Central European town are to be reflected by international contemporary art, from the centre of Neumünster, with the impressive church built by Christian Frederik Hansen, via shopping areas, residential areas, a belt of upper-class villas dating from the end of the 19th century and retail and industrial areas to the Brachenfelder Gehölz (copse) outside the town.

The content of the permanent sculptures in the park will be reflected by temporary exhibitions in the Villa Wachholtz and the adjacent Gerisch gallery that match the profile of the foundation. The programme will range from historical documentation to international works of contemporary painting, graphic art, photography, sculpture and video art. It is the very co-location of the historic villa, the park and contemporary art that gives the ensemble its specific charm. “Where is Arcadia?”. This question, central to the concept of the Gerisch sculpture park, takes on a new aspect after you have visited the park.